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  Sep 04, 2022

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Sep 15, 2022

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PCiBS – International Business School

Business management, Leadership, and Project Management are extremely important in almost every country, and they are becoming even more so as the world becomes more global. Most projects require something to be created from the ground up in order to be completed. Project management’s importance is growing all the time. Most projects require something to be created from the ground up in order to be completed.

A significant portion of all construction work is performed in the mining, health, infrastructure, and oil and gas industries, to name a few. Buildings are the most common type of structure, accounting for approximately one-third of all construction work. Construction management plays a huge role in any country. Most projects must have something built. The major part of the overall industry lies in buildings and property investment, management and property development form a huge part of the construction work out there. An effective project management strategy is essential when it comes to completing any construction project on time, within budget, and with the highest possible level of craftsmanship.

Our society is constantly confronted with the staggering amount of money that governments, corporations, and individuals waste in the course of administering their own projects and initiatives, which is a source of constant frustration.


Here you can study:

Business Management & Leadership, General Business

Property Investment, Management, and Property Development

Project Management and Project Controls

We empower our students

Project Controls International Business School (PCiBS) provides educational services and issues accredited certificates, diplomas, degrees, postgraduate diplomas, postgraduate certificates, master’s degrees, and other specialized courses. PCiBS issues certifications in the following fields of study.


Modes of Study

  • Online education: follow a standard study path 
  • Distance education: apply diligent discipline and work on their own.
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It’s surprisingly affordable.

Our low tuition rates are based on a specific programs and gives you the opportunity to speed up your program and allows you to control the cost of your degree.


  • PCiBS low tuition fees: We assist you to graduate with less debt by giving you lower tuition rates. It is much, much less than you’d expect to pay at most other online schools and universities.
  • Our base rate: At most universities you pay per credit, PCiBS base rate tuition links time and cost. This is where PCiBS can save you some real money.

Get a top job in the following industries:










And OTHERS (too many to list)

The jobs in the project management discipline are rising as industries are growing.


“The faculty and staff from PCI Business School are very supportive. My online experience here has been really wonderful and fulfilling. My journey with the LMS was effective and very easy to navigate. The delivery of our portfolio of evidence (PoE) was quite demanding, but the lecturers from PCiBS helped me with the assignments that are due during my studies.”

J. Malapenga

International knowledgebase

All these educational services focus on an internationally recognized Project Controls knowledgebase (a significant component of Project Management). The presentation of courses is online and classroom lecture format (on organization request). The online programs/subjects/courses are provided in a lecture-type format through a Learning Management System (LMS) via instructional-based documents and video lectures by faculty academics and industry experts with the required subject knowledge base.

Educational qualification levels

The educational services offered by PCiBS enable students to earn qualifications that international affiliated and accredited universities issue through a national qualification framework (NQF) through various levels. The European qualification goes up to level 08.  

  • Courses (Level 05-09),
  • Certificates (Level 05),
  • Diplomas (Level 05),
  • Associate Degree (Level 06),
  • Degrees (Level 07),
  • Post-graduate certificates (Level 08),
  • Masters (Level 09), and
  • Ph.D.’s (Level 10).

All courses require a pass mark by achieving a predetermined percentage by all students to confirm their ability to perform as competent individuals in the industry. We base the effectiveness of a performance-based individual on our ability to have a lecture and practical simulations (live) of various projects that form part of each of the Project Controls Majors, as listed below.

Various Project Disciplines

PCiBS focuses on Project Controls discipline specialization:

  • Project Controls Management,
  • Project Controls,
  • Estimating,
  • Planning,
  • Costing, and
  • Administration.

Project Management discipline is covered by specialization:

  • Project Management,
  • Project Management Office (PMO),
  • Management & Leadership,  
  • Property Investment.
  • Property Management, and
  • Property Development.

PCiBS studies form the basis and ensure that there is synergy between Project Management and Project Controls.


“PCiBS’ professional assistance with competency design was excellent during the screening process of undergraduates and graduates for the identified or selected study Programme of students, for Coaching and or Mentoring. PCiBS always provides practical solutions to challenges in Talent Management.”

Henry P.

The best part of the course was probably the final year. It’s a great way to put everything you learnt into practice.

Martina M.

Modes of Study

There are 2 modes of study at Project Controls International Business School (PCiBS).

Online education

Here at PCiBS we are passionate about online study! We believe that if you need guided online classroom support, then Online Study is the way to go.

When selecting the online mode of study for your subjects or program, you can visit your online classroom anywhere, 365/24/7. The online study environment gives you access to your study materials through your online student portal where you will have access to the resources, discussions, and online forums that you have enrolled in. 

Online education means that you must keep up with the class assignments as they are handed out periodically.

Distance education

Students can enrol for distance study at PCiBS. Distance students must abide by the prescribed works in their study guides and submit assignments on specified dates and time. Students doing distance learning must be able to apply diligent discipline to keep up with the work and be able to work on their own.

When selecting the distance mode of study for your subjects or programme, you can visit your classroom anywhere, 365/24/7. The student portal gives you access to your study materials, where you will have access to the resources, discussions, and forums that you have enrolled in.

New Online Courses and Degrees

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PCIBS offers online courses and degrees to help ensure your success in various fields.

Our international curriculum is top-notch with only the most qualified, experienced, and highly trained educators.

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