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PCI Business School Prospectus

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Doctorate / Ph.D. Letter / Statement of Intent guidelines

It’s surprisingly affordable for what you get.

We have low tuition rates that are based on specific programs and that allow you the opportunity to accelerate your program while also maintaining control over the overall cost of your bachelor’s or master’s degree.

PCiBS has low tuition fees:

We assist you in graduating with less debt by providing lower tuition rates. In comparison to the vast majority of other online colleges and universities, it is significantly less expensive.

The following is where we should begin: Unlike most universities, which charge by the credit hour, PCiBS base rate tuition is based on time and cost rather than time and cost alone. This is an area where PCiBS can save you a significant amount of money.


Various levels of educational qualification

Students can earn qualifications from international affiliated and accredited universities that are recognized by a national qualification framework (NQF) that is divided into different levels of achievement by utilizing the educational services provided by PCiBS. The European qualifications are available up to and including level 8.

  • Certificates (Level 05),
  • Diplomas (Level 05),
  • Advanced Diploma (Level 06/07),
  • Graduate Executive certificates (Level 08/9),
  • Graduate Executive Diploma (Level 08/9),
  • Executive Professional (Level 09), and
  • Graduate Executive Expert (Level 10).

For all students to demonstrate their ability to perform as a competitive individual in the industry, they must earn a passing grade in each course by attaining a predetermined percentage of the total grade point average. People who are evaluated based on performance are evaluated on their ability to participate in a lecture and practical simulations (live) of various projects that are integrated into each of the Project Controls Majors, which are described in detail below.