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Our Business Degrees and are a fully online international business school.

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Project Controls International Business School cc (PCiBS) supplies international training and has a global presence that spans the globe.

Currently, we are in the United States of America and Africa (Namibia, South Africa), plus adding Europe and Australasia to our global presence.

Global PCiBS presence for international business School

We empower our students

Project Controls International Business School (PCiBS) provides educational services and issues accredited certificates, diplomas, degrees, postgraduate diplomas, postgraduate certificates, master’s degrees, and other specialized courses. PCiBS issues certifications in the following fields of study.


International knowledgebase

All these educational services focus recognized Project Management methodolgies nd processes. The presentation of courses are provided online with a lecture-type format through a Learning Management System (LMS). Our instructional based lectures are presented by faculty academics and industry experts in a varienty of industries with the required hands-on subject knowledge base.

Educational qualification levels

The educational services offered by PCiBS enable students to earn qualifications that are issued through a national qualification framework (NQF).  

  • Certificates (Level 05),
  • Diplomas (Level 05),
  • Advanced Diploma (Level 06/07),
  • Graduate Executive certificates (Level 08/9),
  • Graduate Executive Diploma (Level 08/9),
  • Executive Professional (Level 09), and
  • Graduate Executive Expert (Level 10).

The European PhD qualification is issued at EQF level 08. 

All courses require a pass mark by achieving a predetermined percentage by all students to confirm their ability to perform as a competitive individual in the industry. We base the effectiveness of a performance-based individual on our ability to have a lecture and practical simulations (live) of various projects that form part of each of the Majors.

Modes of Study

There are 2 modes of study at Project Controls International Business School (PCiBS).

Online education

Here at PCiBS we are passionate about online study! We believe that if you need guided online classroom support, then Online Study is the way to go.

When selecting the online mode of study for your subjects or program, you can visit your online classroom anywhere, 365/24/7. The online study environment gives you access to your study materials through your online student portal where you will have access to the resources, discussions, and online forums that you have enrolled in. 

Online education means that you must keep up with the class assignments as they are handed out periodically.

Distance education

Students can enrol for distance study at PCiBS. Distance students must abide by the prescribed works in their study guides and submit assignments on specified dates and time. Students doing distance learning must be able to apply diligent discipline to keep up with the work and be able to work on their own.

When selecting the distance mode of study for your subjects or programme, you can visit your classroom anywhere, 365/24/7. The student portal gives you access to your study materials, where you will have access to the resources, discussions, and forums that you have enrolled in.