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Why Project Consultant & Integrated Business Services (PCiBS)?


Project Consultants & Integrated Business Services provides resources, consulting services, specific solutions, specialized training courses, and certifications. All these services are focused on internationally recognized Project Management & Controls knowledgebase.

Our project management services encompass a complete suite of all the relevant project disciplines that will ensure project success for projects in any of our client’s stage gates.



PCiBS is used to the following standard stage gates:

      • Opportunity,
      • Concept,
      • Pre-Feasibility A,
      • Pre-Feasibility B,
      • Feasibility,
      • Execution,
      • Commissioning,
      • Hand-over,
      • Ramp-up,
      • Lessons learnt,
      • and Project Value Tracking.

Our company and staff have experience from Fortune 500 company Board level engagement right down to a project administrator role. Each of our team members is an integral part of a successful project, and we set up our projects for success.

Our experience is vast, and we can engage and draw on any expertise that we require to ensure that the projects we manage are successful in time, cost, quality, and risk mitigation.

We pride ourselves with our vast experience in the following industries:

      • Chemical,
      • Process,
      • Mining (above and underground),
      • Health,
      • Oil & Gas,
      • Petrochem,
      • Defence Force,
      • Property Development,
      • Infrastructure,
      • IT (Information Technology),
      • Fabrication,
      • Pharmaceutical,
      • Stay in Business (SIB) projects,
      • Outages,
      • Shut-downs,
      • and standard General projects.

Our Experts

We have a vast amount of project management and project control experts that form part of our group. Our most experienced expert has been actively working in the projects industry for over 45 years.

How You Can Benefit

Project Controls’ focus is on a major contribution to “green” Management and the international drive towards these very important environmental concerns. This has the government’s support, as the processes will increase the sustainability of any project and make them more effective.

Community Development

The development of communities is in great favour of the government, as PCiBS wants to be able to increase community empowerment to a great extent.


We also pride ourselves in developing individuals in the Project Controls & Project Management environment to ensure that our expertise is passed down from one generation to the next. The principle is to develop individuals based on a Coaching, Mentoring & Training methodology.

PCiBS assists companies with:



We quantify your company assets and projects in ways that go beyond traditional financial metrics.


Business Planning & New Growth

We assist companies with their business planning where we keep the company aligned their company strategy. We make sure that we implement performance measures to ensure that the whole company is aligned with the business objectives by setting out a proper road map.


Business strategy and implementation

We engage with the senior leadership & management to (re)design and use the company strategy to implement the process of turning plans into action to reach a desired outcome. The success of every organisation rests on its capacity to implement organisational change decisions and execute major key processes effectively, efficiently, and consistently.


Business Rationalization and Optimisation

PCiBS performs this process to assist companies in organisational change. We can design and perform an entire rationalisation by reorganizing a company in order to increase its operating efficiency, reduce expenditure, increase revenue, decrease costs and improve its bottom line.



Project managers are constantly under pressure to deliver high-quality results on time and within budget. This can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to valuing potential projects and making decisions about which ones to pursue.


Business Case Preparation & Optimisation

We can develop a proper business case for each project, programme or portfolio by understanding all the project inputs and company deliverables. Part of the business case would be to write up a proper business case for each project.


Internal / External Project Reviews

We conduct internal project reviews and assist the project team with the right guidance to go through a specific project stage gate. Through performing external project reviews we conduct a full review of the project with our experts and motivate to the executive leadership a go / no-go of a project phase with or without recommendations. See due diligence.


Due diligence

When it comes to project management, due diligence is key. Not only do you need to be aware of all the risks and potential problems that could arise, but you also need to take measures to prevent them. By being diligent and keeping a close eye on your projects, you can ensure their successful completion.


Project Assessments

We perform project assessments to evaluate a project. Project assessments consider the potential environmental and socio-economic impacts of a project before it begins to ensure that negative impacts can be adequately mitigated.



Your project will change your company. We assist you to get the most out of your project through precise work and sound technical advice, tailored to your needs.


Project management

PCiBS’s project management team has a vast experience within the region. Our staff has managed mega projects, right up to a portfolio of small projects. Our secret lies in the way we manage our teams through key performance indices (KPI’s) to ensure that all project team members perform at a peak level. Our project management team has experience with all types of phases and life cycles.


Capital Budget development and management of Capex and Opex

We produce the company project pipeline and develop the relevant Capex or/and Opex for the various projects. The project are prioritized and placed into various programmes and portfolios by determining resources to ensure that overall management of the various projects, programs and portfolios is adequate. A proper capital book is developed and planned for a period of three to five years.


Engineering Management

PCiBS can assist with engineering management services. These can be supplied within the realms of the intellectual properties (IP) required or localised engineering services. We can use our Engineering services to supply any service or creative engineering work, consultation, investigation, or engineering evaluation.


Procurement & Contracts Management

We create an environment for our procurement and contracting team to work together and manage the work in such a fashion that instills proper governance procedures and ethics by utilizing our internal systems. With localization as part of the supply chain outcomes, we assist vendors / consultants / contractors through external experts to ensure that they all understand what the requirements are before tendering.


Risk Management

Project management is all about managing risk. We use our risk identification, management, and mitigation processes to help guide your project success. We develop a clear understanding of the inherent risks in your projects and make informed decisions about how best to proceed with each risk. With your risk management strategies in place, no risk hiccup can derail your entire project.


Project Controls (all services)

Our project controls teams are some of the very best in the world. Our global experience pool can supply the following services: estimating, cost control, accounting, finance, scheduling and document control. All these services are backed up by excellent expertise in the following systems: Accounting systems; SAP, Project Controls systems: Costtrac; Cobra; Primavera; MS Project and Open Plan experience. Our supply chain and procurement team utilises – Contracting Management software; plus an online POP system. Our document control team can utilize the Bentley or Acconex systems.



With our global experience and network of skilled resources, we can leverage our extensive network to access the desired strategic know-how.


Recruitment and/or Consultancy

PCiBS can a) supply consultants, b) recruit, select the right candidates from its vast network, employ full-time team members, c) appoint consultants to ensure that the oversight and management of projects is performed cost effectively on the clients behalf. We furthermore, insist that performance measures are put in place to ensure high caliber delivery of all projects.


Construction Management

PCiBS has internationa experienced construction management staff that can assist / guide the contractors to perform at the required industry levels. We furthermore add value by utilizing our systems to ensure that all claims are legitimate and that no arbitration or mitigation is required by any constructor.


Commissioning Management

We develop a full commissioning plan as part of the overall project deliverable to ensure a smooth handover from contractor to the client. Furthermore, we assist the operational team to successfully start the project and ensure that the project ramp-up is in line with the business case.


Operational Readiness

With our vast experience we ensure that operational readiness forms a key aspect of your successful project. We plan and ensure that all stakeholders are prepared for project implementation can help avoid costly delays and disruptions. This process guarantees that organizations are prepared to execute new business processes or adopt new technology. For project managers, operational readiness is an essential part of ensuring successful project delivery.

Subject Matter Experts

We have access to various business, project management, and project control subject matter experts in our group. Our most experienced experts have been actively working in business and projects for over 45 years. 


With access to the subject matter experts, your problems are over. We utilize all our resources to give your business and projects the best opportunity to increase performance and the bottom line.

Project Success

The development of the owner’s team members and project team members is absolutely key to the project’s and the business’s success. At PCiBS, we assist your team members to achieve this by improving outputs and at the same time, performance.