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Project Consulting & Integrated Business Services (PCiBS) provides resources, consulting services, specific solutions, specialized training courses, and certifications. All these services are focused on internationally recognized Project Management & Controls knowledgebase.

Our project management services and project control management services encompass a complete suite of all the relevant project disciplines that will ensure project success for projects in any of our client’s stage gates. The standard stage gates that are followed are Opportunity, Concept, Pre-Feasibility A, Pre-Feasibility B, Feasibility, Execution, Hand-over, Ramp-up, Lessons learnt, and Project Value Tracking. Our company and staff have experience from Fortune 500 company Board level engagement right down to a project administrator role. Each of our team members is an integral part of a successful project, and we set up our projects for success. Our experience is vast, and we have the ability to engage and draw on any expertise that we require to ensure that the projects we manage are successful in time, cost, quality, and risk mitigation. We also pride ourselves in developing individuals in the Project Controls & Project Management environment to ensure that our expertise is passed down from one generation to the next. The principle is to develop individuals based on a Coaching, Mentoring & Training methodology.


We pride ourselves with our vast experience in the following industries: Chemical, Process, Mining (above and underground), Health, Oil & Gas, Petrochem, Defense Force, Property Development, Infrastructure, IT, Fabrication, Pharmaceutical, Stay in Business project, Outages, Shut-downs, and standard General projects.

We manage international:

  • Project Management Services
  • Project Controls Management Services
  • Project Specialist Services
  • Business Portfolio Management Services
  • Project Management Office Services
  • KPI’s for Project Management Office Services

Our Experts

We have a vast amount of project management and project control experts that form part of our group. Our most experienced expert has been actively working in the projects industry for over 45 years. 

How You Can Benefit

Project Controls’ focus is on a major contribution to “green” management and the international drive towards these very important environmental concerns. This has the government’s support, as the processes will increase the sustainability of any project and make them more effective.

Community Development

The development of communities is in great favor of the government, as PCiBS wants to be able to increase community empowerment to a great extent.

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Here is a list of a few resources we supply:


Portfolio Managers

Program Managers

Project Managers

Project Management Office (PMO) Managers

Project Services Managers

Project Controls Managers

Project Engineers

Estimators (CAPEX & OPEX)

Risk Managers

Project Costing

Project Planning

Project Administration

Project Document Control

Contracts Management

Contracts administration

Construction managers

Safety managers

Safety Officers / Reps

Quantity surveyor

Project Accounting

Project Reviewers

Details of key resources

For assistance in cost-effective project management and control.


Portfolio Management

Portfolio management involves strategy planning & interpretation, trade-off analysis, scenario planning, portfolio balancing, benefits measurement, and analysis.


Program Management

Program Manager ensures proper integration between components of a program. Typically run as an integrated business case.


Project Management

Project management follows the five distinct groups of management processes i.e. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Control, and Closing. We enforce a combination of soft and hard skills to complete projects successfully. Our focus is on resource management, financial management, effective use of software tools, and stakeholder management. We focus on the four project constraints of time, cost, quality, and project success.


Project Management Office (PMO)

The Project Management Office (PMO) is part of an organization’s management team to ensure that all projects in the company or business unit are under control. An organization’s PMO manages all facets of the projects and gives a centralized view of project timelines, approved costs, the necessary project resources, and identified project and portfolio risks. The PMO is the center point of all projects going into the design phase or implementation phase. Key performance indices (KPI’s) are defined and identified for the PMO and managed through a balanced scorecard (BSC) mechanism. KPIs are aligned with the organization’s values, goals, and vision, and the PMO portfolio is managed to deliver benefits to the organization.


Project Services

Project Services Managers main function is engage from estimating through to contracts and procurment. They monitor and control the project cost and schedule as part of project controls. Overall Project Services encompasses all the disciplines listed below to ensure a quality deliverable and proper progress tracking. In addition, commissioing and handover to operations with asset control forms part of that deliverable.


Project Controls

Project Controls Managers main function is to monitor and control the project cost and schedule. To manage and control these two critical project constraints, Project Controls engages with all the disciplines listed below to ensure a quality deliverable and proper progress tracking.


Estimating (CAPEX & OPEX)

The Estimator ensures the quality and accuracy of cost estimates for capital projects and operational costs. Methods used are the typical bottoms-up, top down approach. Analysis of factored, quoted, budget and the use of previous knowledge is utilized to develop a detailed estimate within the defined capital requirements of the specific phase of the project.


Project & Corporate Risk Management

Project Risk Management includes risk management planning, identification, analysis, response planning, and monitoring and control for a project, program, or portfolio. Risks influence project objectives by managing the positive and negative events through probability and impact of mitigation plans.


Project Costing

The project cost controller is responsible for cost control services and includes services such as budget control, estimating cost, cost forecasting, cost risk analysis and reporting. Change control forms a huge part of the cost control function.


Project Planning

Project Planning assists with the development and optimisation of a project schedule. Planning encompasses scope definition, schedule development, consistent monitoring and updating of project performance measurement, progress reports, issues and concerns, plus recommended corrective actions by the project.


Project Administration

The project administrator provides all the supporting administration functions for projects, which includes updating, controlling, and communicating to relevant stakeholders, plus filing of project documentation. Managing progress against the project baseline forms part of the planner’s function.


Project Document Control

A Document Controller controls the flow of all technical (e.g. data sheets, drawings), administrative, vendor, and commercial documentation between the project team members and contractors.


Contracts Management / Contracts administration

A Contracts Manager manages the contracts agreed with manufacturers, service providers, customers, vendors, partners, or employees. Negotiating terms and conditions in contracts and ensuring compliance of those terms and conditions, documenting and managing change control through agreeing on any changes or amendments that may arise during its implementation or execution.


Quantity surveyor services

A Quantity Surveyor tracks all measured items during a contract and forms part of the contracts administration function by managing the contract and all it’s predetermined conditions.


Business Case analysis & preparation

By conducting business analysis, the business analyst identifies possible opportunities, calculates the projects business case NPV and ROI to determine the projects plausibility before implementation. Project Value Tracking (PVT) is performed after project implementation to determine the project’s success rate. Business analysis also defines the required capabilities and organization’s benefits by improving current business methods.


Project Accounting Services

Project Accounting processes allows for proper integration with SAP and Finance. The preparation of yearly budgeting process is adopted by incorporating the project services team to assist with the identification of projects, assisting in preparing estimates, schedules, contracts, and costs that will form the basis of the budgeting process. Accounting manages the Capital Book preparation and assists in preparing Board packs and Steering Committee packs. Invoicing management forms part of the Project Costing and Accounts Services process ad is managed during the execution of a project phase. During month-end all the various disciplines form part of the reporting process and accounts does combine all information as required to assist executive management to make informed decisions.


Project Reviews & Business Case reviews

Project review team can review active or to be implemented business cases or projects. The outcomes of all reviews will ensure that all deliverables are based on the current Investment Development Model (IDM) and that all requirements for the stage gate are met.


Training in Project Controls for local citizens


Succession Planning for local citizens


Internships & development for local citizens