Overview of PCiBS

Project Controls International Business School (PCiBS) specializes in Online and Distance education. We are an approved education provider for various business degrees with specialization in management, leadership, project management training, and project controls.

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Why Project Controls International Business School (PCiBS)?




Global Presence

Our School’s global training experience gives you the advantage to apply for any international job offering with confidence.

PCiBS provides corporate project management framework training to organisations all over the world.

Highly Qualified Trainers

Principle teachers have a master’s degree / PhD and extensive project management experience in various industries such as:  Health, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Process, Mining (above and underground), IT, Construction etc.

Effective and Practical

Our courses  provide the opportunity to advance your career with occupationally relevant online offerings that equip you with skills and knowledge that can be applied at work immediately.

Our Program Experts

We have a vast amount of project management and project control experts that form part of our group. The lecturer with the most experience has been actively working in the projects industry for over 45 years. All PCiBS lecturers have either a degree in Commerce, Mathematics, Engineering or Management. Most of the lecturers have a Master’s degree / Ph.D.

How You Can Benefit

Online Project Controls’ training focus is on a major contribution to “green” management and the international drive towards these very important environmental concerns. This has the government’s support, as the processes will increase the sustainability of any project and make them more effective.

Community Development

The development of communities is in great favor of the government, as PCiBS wants to be able to increase community empowerment to a great extent.

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High-Quality Framework

We focus on delivering an extremely high-quality framework with our programmes and subjects to encourage all that partake in our programmes to close the competency gaps that have been formed in our industry over the last 25 years.

Internationally, a major crisis is at hand, and PCiBS has taken the leap of faith to close these gaps in the project management discipline, namely: teaching about Project Controls. The focus of all our programmes is on TimeCostQuality, and project success.

Industry Need

We have seen time and time again that projects start-up, and their costs and time spiral out of control. The reason for this is quite frankly not acceptable, not for the investors, nor the industry. We need to enhance our competencies to ensure that the four constraints, cost, time, quality, and project success become part of our daily lives, and we live by the triple constraint to ensure success.
We can only do this when projects realize the importance of an owner, a client, a stakeholder, an operation, and a proper project controls team where every one of us sings off the same proverbial “hymn sheet” to ensure ultimate project SUCCESS.

How We Can Help You

PCiBS has set up a whole host of competencies that need to be mastered during their selected programmes. Each subject will upskill the individual’s competencies by utilizing an active learning and competency-based learning approach.

The quality of our approach in designing and developing our programmes and courses are explained in more detail under [How And What We Teach].