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Succession Planning

PCiBS requires each student to complete a competency assessment. This is revisited during the student’s progression in the University. Lecturers will allocate a competency via the LMS to students’ development and this will be reflected in their final competency assessment at the end of their relevant qualification. This document can be used to determine and assist the student during or prior to an interview process.

With pending retirements and other anticipated changes, Succession Planning is a key process and tool to help leadership identify what competencies are needed to execute business strategies, and how to best develop and retain talent. Succession Planning is a process and should be used for continual checks and balances by the organization to identify what talent is currently available, what talent may be leaving, and how to best prepare and capture and disseminate knowledge to future successors.

A good Succession Plan is supported by HR systems such as Learning and Development of key talent, Recruitment and Selection of internal/external talent, and Performance Management to drive competence and excellence in identified talent. These key HR systems will enable the successful execution of the succession plan.

Talent Analysis

Individual Development Plan

As part of the career development planning with the employee, performance should be documented and goals included in the career development plan. Various options must be considered and identified, to allow a succession candidate ample time to participate in training and development.

A gap analysis must be conducted to identify the employee’s areas of development in terms of skills, knowledge and specific competencies required. Priorities should depend on the employee’s performance and specific job requirements. A high potential employee needs an accelerated development plan and could include aspects such as: projects; job rotations and secondments.

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Competency Design

PCiBS suggests that performance and change go hand in hand during an organisational change process. The key areas that need to be addressed specifically are: the structure of the company; systems and policies; the climate of the work unit or organisation and the performance of the individual and the organisation.

The assessment will be based on a specific job description and a self assessment will be performed by the individual. Once this is complete, an assessment will be performed by a subject expert to ensure that the self assessment is in line with the job description. This will enable the individual and the organisation to enrol in the correct training to enhance their competency, should there be any need to. When analysing the approach to change, there are three main elements that need to be addressed, namely: interdependent sub-systems; individual training and the talent factors.

Sub-systems are interdependent If alterations are made to one part of an organisation without taking account of its dependence or impact on the rest of the organisation, the outcome may be sub-optimal.
Training As a mechanism for change, is unlikely to succeed on its own. This is because it concentrates on the individual and not the organisational level. As Burke (1980:75) argues, ‘although training may lead to individual change and in some cases to small group change, there is scant evidence that attempting to change the individual will in turn change the organisation.
Workforce Talent In order to be successful, organizations have to tap and direct the energy and talent of their workforce. This requires the removal of obstacles which prevent this, and the provision of positive reinforcement which promotes it. Given that this is likely to require changes to such things as norms, reward systems and work structures, it must be approached from an organisational, rather than individual or group, perspective.

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