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Tuition and other costs

PCiBS tuition fees are the main costs of your study costs. Each qualification program costs vary depending on the subjects selected for specialization.


Each qualification has a subject enrollment pattern that follows a specific sequence. This sequence is primarily used to enhance the competency-based teaching process and alleviates the interaction with our active learning activities.

Online (Full-time)

For students studying Full-time, your enrollment period per program is three semesters or nine months. Each semester has a maximum amount of 3 to 4 subjects as defined per specialization selected by the student. The assignments that are due during this period require dedication and precision and must be handed in on or before the due date. The due date for the final portfolio of evidence (PoE) will be in the last semester of your enrollment.

Online (Part-time)

For students studying Part-time, your enrollment period per program is six semesters or 18 months. These can be done consecutively without a break in between. Each semester has a maximum amount of 1 or 2 subjects as defined per specialization selected by the student. The assignments that are due during this period require dedication and precision and must be handed in on or before the due date. The due date for the final portfolio of evidence (PoE) will be in the last semester of your enrollment.

How do I pay my course fees?

Our Administration department tries to make life easy for the students when it comes to payment. We do not want you to stress about your course fees as there are various methods of payment available.

Students have quite a few payment options available to them.

  • Use a credit card or PayPal to pay for your study fees on our secure website via 


  • If you’re a US citizen, PayPal offers students a six-month payment plan. Students are responsible for those applications and correspondence with the third-party.
  • Using PayPal for payments does involve fees. Paypal adds these fees to your account at checkout. See Paypal fees for more information.

PayPal fees

  • Pay the complete program fee before or on the due date. 
  • Pay for the subjects per semester on the due date. Full-time students can stagger their payments over six months. Enrollment must be before or on the deadline prescribed for the program.
  • Pay for the subjects per semester on the due date. Part-time undergraduate & graduate students can stagger their payments over 15 months. Enrollment must be before or on the deadline prescribed for the program. 
  • Apply for a Scholarship or Commonwealth assistance. There are only a few available, and students are required to enroll as soon as possible.
  • All funds must be cleared in the PCiBS’ account to ensure that you receive the scholarships and access to the LMS of PCiBS.

If you are a potential or existing student, the information we provide on fees gives you all of the details you need about paying your course fees.

Other student costs

Studying involves mainly tuition fees, but there are additional costs to consider as well.

Application Fee

There is no application fee

Enrollment Fee

There is an enrollment fee of USD $55.00 / USD $115 per year or dependent on how the tuition is paid. This fee is payable when submitting all the required personal registration information and your academic transcripts and other required data. 

Undergraduate = USD $55.00

Graduate = USD $115

Service Fee

There an Administration department Service fee of USD $30.00 charged per subject registration per enrollment period. The service fee does not utilize any scholarships, or bursaries that are received by the student. 


There is a fee of only USD$35.00 required, unless there is an issue with the transcript or the certification thereof.

Applications for recognition of prior learning (RPL) are handled separately from the enrollment as it requires an entirely different process of verification. PCiBS does accept your previous submissions electronically, but if there should be a concern with the transcript or the certification thereof, a third-party verification will be required. Currently, the RPL’s are handed in manually by a third party, and there might be a printing fee and a runners or courier fee involved. All RPL application will be managed by the PCiBS Administration department. See all Fees here.


Most subjects will most likely need a prescribed textbook for your study at our business school. The textbook cost varies between USD 15 and USD 205. There are no perceived additional costs unless students want to purchase their own software.

Course Software

The software PCiBS uses for interaction is Windows-based (PC and Mac) and must be compatible with our LMS system uploads. Windows must be able to produce the following file types for upload into LMS as part of the assignment when required.

Typical file extensions that are allowed to be uploaded onto the LMS are:


  • Archive (ZIP) .zip

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only the following file extensions can be compressed into a zip file:


  • Word 2007 document.docx
  • Word document.doc

ADOBE or PDF files

  • PDF document.pdf 


  • Image (BMP).bmp
  • Image (JPEG).jpp
  • Image (PNG).png


  • PowerPoint 2007 presentation.pptx
  • PowerPoint 2007 slideshow.ppsx
  • PowerPoint presentation.pps
  • PowerPoint presentation.ppt


  • Excel 2007 macro-enabled workbook.xlsm
  • Excel 2007 spreadsheet.xlsx
  • Excel spreadsheet.xls

File extensions are very explicit for uploading when assignments are handed out and must be adhered to. Uploading the wrong file extension into a zip file will make you miss your due date on your assignment, and there might be penalties for a late submission.

Additional Software

PCiBS does not require any other software to be used or purchased for the assignments or activities. If any student opts to buy any software, they may do so, but PCiBS does not endorse any software that is available in the market. PCiBS also wishes to note that we are training people to use the processes and methods for the programs they elected. PCiBS does not teach students how to use or utilize specialized project management or project controls software.

The results of your studies will be worth it.

PCiBS is about real-world results as we are providing you an outstanding return on the investment you have made on your studies.

  • Mastering competencies: PCiBS has defined and allocated competencies in the skills and knowledge acquisition process. Corporations and employers recognize the PCiBS competency-based approach and use it as the basis for advancement and promotions. 
  • There’s proof: A degree from PCiBS informs your employers that you are a proven expert or master in specific topics and will be an invaluable addition to their team. You earned your degree by demonstrating through active learning that you have mastered the competencies corporations are looking for in an employee. 
  • The return on Investment: A qualification from PCiBS will give you a positive return on your investment within the first 4 to 7 months after you have started work. 
  • Increased Income: A degree from PCiBS informs your employers that you are a master in your discipline, and this means that you will be able to increase your income through promotion or advancement in your specific subject.

Courses and assignments have specific competencies assigned to them to measure skills in a Linkert scale that runs from Novice, Basic, Practitioner, Master, Expert, Innovator. The range runs from 1 through to 6. Here are a few sample competencies that PCiBS will apply with all its courses. 

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