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Our Online Digital Courses & Programs 

PCi Business School (PCiBS) provides educational services for Digital Marketing Courses and Affiliate Marketing Courses. Most of our courses will assist you in developing your skills and others will help you to start your own online courses.  PCiBS issues certificates for each digital course that you complete and most of these are issues through our partners.

Digital Courses & Programs start dates vary and can be started anytime or according to when advertised.

Online Digital Courses – COMING SOON

International partner Digital course & knowledgebase

All of these educational services are based on an internationally recognized Digital Marketing knowledge base, and the courses are delivered both online and in a video classroom lecture format. The online programs/subjects/courses are delivered lecture-style through a Learning Management System (LMS). They include instructional-based documents and video lectures delivered by specialized industry experts with the necessary subject knowledge base on various topics.

Educational Skills and Competencies

The educational services provided by the PCiBS partners enable students to learn highly sought-after skills while also developing the necessary competencies to enable them to begin earning while they are still in school.

All courses require students to earn a passing grade by achieving a predetermined assessment on their quizzes to demonstrate their ability to compete as competitive individuals in the digital marketing field. When evaluating the effectiveness of a performance-based individual, we consider their ability to participate in a lecture as well as live practical simulations of various tasks that are a component of each lesson.

It’s surprisingly reasonable in price.

Our low tuition rates are based on specific digital courses and allow you to accelerate your program while maintaining complete control over the cost of your development during your course.


  • PCiBS Partners’ low tuition fees: We assist you in graduating from these courses and guiding you through them with the least amount of debt possible by offering you lower course fees. It is significantly less than you would expect to pay for the majority of other online digital courses.

Modes of Study

  • Full-time Online: Follow standard study path to complete your degree.
  • Part-Time Online: Students can work at their own pace while studying online.

Most courses and programs go to 3rd party websites for more information.

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Online Affiliate Digital Courses – COMING SOON

Modes of Study

There are 2 modes of study through our Digital Course partners

Online (Full-Time)

We at PCiBS are extremely enthusiastic about online learning! We believe that if you require guided online classroom support, Online Study is the best option for you to pursue.

When you choose online mode of study for your subjects or program, you will be able to access your online classroom from any location, 365 days a year, seven days a week. Your online student portal provides you with access to your study materials, which are stored in the online study environment. Aside from that, you’ll have access to the resources, discussions, and online forums that you’ve chosen to participate in.

Online Full-time means that you are responsible for keeping up with the class assignments, which are distributed on a regular basis.

Online (Part-Time)

Students can enroll in PCiBS for part-time study if they meet the requirements. Students considering enrolling in part-time studies will have twice the time to complete a program as students enrolled in other modes of study (or as specified in the subject and program criteria) if they choose this option.

Partial-time students are required to adhere to the prescribed works in their study guides and submit assignments based on the less stringent deadlines set forth in their study guides. Part-time students must be able to maintain a high level of discipline in order to keep up with the workload and be able to work independently. Please keep in mind that part-time studies must be completed, but that the decision to do so is in the hands of the student. The lecturers will assist, and our partners will initiate all interactions rather than by PCi Business School directly.

Your classroom is accessible from any location, 365 days a year, seven days a week, when you choose the part-time mode of study for your subjects or program. The student partner portal also provides access to your study materials, where you will have access to the resources, discussions, and forums associated with the digital course in which you have enrolled, among other features.

or specialization program under Faculties for Undergraduate or Graduate.

NOTE: Ownership of Online Digital Courses & Programs 

PCi Business School has vetted & can vouch firsthand for all these courses and has agreements in place with various companies to market Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Programs & Courses. All students applying for Digital Marketing Courses must do their own due diligence for each course or program or the companies offering, that they enroll in. PCi Business School will not take responsibility for any decisions or claims made by any students who enroll(s) in any digital or affiliate marking program or course.