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Sep 15, 2022

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Online Business & Management Degrees

Modes of Research & Study

Online: Follow the same study path as you would in a traditional classroom setting.

Distance education requires students to maintain strict discipline and work independently.

 It’s surprisingly reasonable in price.

Our low tuition rates are based on specific programs and provide you with the opportunity to accelerate your program while also maintaining control over the overall cost of your degree.

PCiBS low tuition fees: By offering lower tuition rates, we assist you in graduating with less debt. It is significantly less than you would expect to pay at the majority of other online colleges and universities.

Our starting point is as follows: While most universities charge by the credit hour, PCiBS base rate tuition is based on time and cost. This is where PCiBS can save you a significant amount of money.

Obtain a top-tier position in one of the following industries:







OIL and GAS;



and other related fields are included (too many to list).

Jobs in the project management discipline are increasing as a result of the expansion of industries.


International knowledge-sharing network

All of these educational services are centered on an internationally recognized Project Controls knowledgebase (which is a critical component of Project Management), and the courses are delivered both online and in a classroom lecture format, as described above (on organization request). The online programs/subjects/courses are delivered in a lecture-style format through a Learning Management System (LMS) using instructional-based documents and video lectures delivered by faculty academics and industry experts who have the necessary subject knowledge base to deliver the courses and programs online.

Various levels of educational qualification

Using the educational services provided by PCiBS, students can earn qualifications from international affiliated and accredited universities that are recognized by a national qualification framework (NQF) that is divided into levels. The European qualification levels are from level 0 to level 08.

  • Courses (Various Levels),
  • Certificates (Level 05),
  • Diplomas (Level 05),
  • Associate Degree (Level 06),
  • Degrees (Level 07),
  • Post-graduate certificates (Level 08/9),
  • Post-graduate Diploma (Level 08/9),
  • Masters (Level 09), and
  • Ph.D.’s (Level 10).


All courses require students to earn a passing grade by achieving a predetermined percentage on their exams in order to demonstrate their ability to perform as a competitive individual in the workplace. Individuals who are performance-based are evaluated on their ability to participate in a lecture and practical simulations (live) of various projects that are incorporated into each of the Project Controls Majors, which are listed below.

Various Project Disciplines are available.

A primary focus of PCiBS is project controls disciplines such as project controls management, project control, estimation, planning, costing, and administration. PCiBS also offers a certificate/diploma in project controls. We also focus on a Business Administration Diploma.

A number of specializations exist within the Project Management discipline. These include project management, project management office (PMO), management & leadership, and property.

PCiBS studies serve as the foundation for project management and project controls, and they ensure that they work in synergy with one another.

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