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  Sep 04, 2022

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At PCIBS, we develop and mentor project team leaders in line with our in-house and internationally recognised courses, that are tailormade for specific fields of expertise.

The programs and courses are delivered, presented by experienced and specialised lecturers.

We do things differently through our active learning processes by developing highly skilled graduates with the right competencies.  Therefore, all our high-performance graduates are snapped up by our global business partners.

Modes of Study

  • Online education: follow a standard study path 
  • Distance education: apply diligent discipline and work on their own.

It’s surprisingly affordable.


  • PCiBS low tuition fees: We assist you to graduate with less debt by giving you lower tuition rates. It is much, much less than you’d expect to pay at most other online schools and universities.
  • Our base rate: At most universities you pay per credit, PCiBS base rate tuition links time and cost. This is where PCiBS can save you some real money.
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Active Learning

The Online Project Controls and Management Degree program covers the critical areas in the project controls and management arena with a focus on specific disciplines, such as project controls and project management. Therefore, students will be able to apply their skills within managerial and project-specific areas in organizations in various industries. By using theoretical knowledge, practical application, and a project controls management and project management approach to all our programs, our unique method of active learning study will assist students in hitting the ground running in any industry. Our online project controls management subjects and our online project management subjects are focused on the PCiBS active learning methodology and assist students to grasp the concepts very quickly.


Focus Study Area

In summary, the emphasized topics include estimating, costing, planning, the integration of information in projects, stakeholders, communication, and the commercial influences on organizations. The online program covers the essential and significant project controls management and project management methodologies and methods. And finally, the use of project controls techniques, combined with project control management and project management approach, will make any PCiBS student stand out in any industry across the globe. 

Here you can study online project management courses and online project controls management courses from an online undergraduate project controls management or project management certificate, undergraduate project controls management or project management diploma, undergraduate associate project controls management or project management degree, an undergraduate project controls management or project management degree, including a post-graduate project controls management or project management certificate, post-graduate project controls management or project management diploma, post-graduate project controls management or project management Master’s degree, and finally a Ph.D. or Doctorate in Project Controls Management or Project Management. All our online Business Management degrees focus on Project Management and Project Controls Management.

Why Project Controls International Business School (PCiBS)?




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PCiBS – International Business School

Business management, Leadership, and Project Management are extremely important in almost every country, and they are becoming even more so as the world becomes more global. Most projects require something to be created from the ground up in order to be completed. Project management’s importance is growing all the time. Most projects require something to be created from the ground up in order to be completed.

A significant portion of all construction work is performed in the mining, health, infrastructure, and oil and gas industries, to name a few. Buildings are the most common type of structure, accounting for approximately one-third of all construction work. Construction management plays a huge role in any country. Most projects must have something built. The major part of the overall industry lies in buildings and property investment, management and property development form a huge part of the construction work out there. An effective project management strategy is essential when it comes to completing any construction project on time, within budget, and with the highest possible level of craftsmanship.

Our society is constantly confronted with the staggering amount of money that governments, corporations, and individuals waste in the course of administering their own projects and initiatives, which is a source of constant frustration.


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The jobs in the project management discipline are rising as industries are growing.

Educational qualification levels

The educational services offered by PCiBS enable students to earn qualifications that international affiliated and accredited universities issue through a national qualification framework (NQF) through various levels. The European qualification goes up to level 08.  

  • Courses (Level 05-09),
  • Certificates (Level 05),
  • Diplomas (Level 05),
  • Associate Degree (Level 06),
  • Degrees (Level 07),
  • Post-graduate certificates (Level 08),
  • Masters (Level 09), and
  • Ph.D.’s (Level 10).

All courses require a pass mark in the various disciplines that form part of each of the Programs Majors, as listed below.

Benefit: You can switch between industries.

Here you can study:

Business Management & Leadership, General Business

Property Investment, Management, and Property Development

Project Management and Project Controls